Sunday, December 11, 2011

Studio ♥- cozy knitting space

Happy Sunday!

I hope you found the DIY gift wrapping tutorial from Thursday helpful. If you missed it, you can find it here...

Anyway, it's Sundayyyy- which means it's studio time. Today, this big, but yet cozy studio space belongs to May of Ohmay. May owns and operations a small business out of her beautiful home office. Her space even has its own mailing station. How unique. May makes unique knit accessories- knit jewelry, scarves, gloves, hats, cuffs, and cases for small electronics. Example of her work can be seen on right- yup, that's it- that adorable knit case right over there. Very cute!

This is where most of her knitting takes place. OMG, look at how cozy it looks. I love the colors!

Click here to see more

Love it- so cozy and organized! Loving that pop of green

What a neat little space- a mailing station

Look at all the storage space. How organized!


Yarn storage
Storage room from door way view

Knit gloves
Knit scarf

So, what do you fabulous ladies and gents think of May's studio space. I am in love with the mailing station! Very unique.


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  1. I love the mailing station, the knitting is beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much for the feature. I am hornored and impress with your fun and informative blog.

    The mailing station is actually a hanging bathroom wall cabinet that I was going to throw away. I am so glad I saved it. I turned it upside down so that the towel rack is on top. The towel rack is now holding the spools of ribbons. Turned the drawer around and I was set. You can do it too. Recycle meets DIY. ;0)

  3. Very cozy and organizer. The two words my messy house needs the most..haha.

    Oh Editor pants are great ,girl, as well as the columnist (if you like the slim fitting look). By far I love Express dress pants. The fit is not perfect but bearable for me. I find that Ann Taylor or Banana Replublic pants are way too expensive. Hope you get your order soon, wow it has taken much longer for you. Most of clothes I bought from BKK do not fit like gloves but they fit better than stuff here. I have never ever had my clothes altered. I just try to use belt / safety pins or wear them as it is :)

    The first year I went to my company party, I wore a white pants/white blazer, red top and scarf because I had no clue how everyone would dress. It turned out that they went all out. I personally wouldn't suggest jeans but you don't have to spend $$$ on a dress either. You will be amazed that Forever21 offer something you can wear to an event yet still look professional at a great price. Accessories are a great way to make your outfit more festive too.

  4. I love the mailing station too. I want one now!

    I love that knit glove also. Must check out her shop now.

    I wish I was that talented.

  5. @Maggie and Minibag- i know, the mailing station is so adorable! Never thought it!

    @create by yard- I wish I could say it was my office, but unfortunately it isn't. :( It belongs to May of OHmay. She is very organized. I am jealous too.

    @sweetposy- I agree- I am impressed too!

    @Nelah- Oh, perfect! I am glad you had good results with the editor pants. Ive heard mixed reviews for them. I personally do not like AN, LOFT, or BR dress pants. They just do not fit right.. It's big around the hip and thigh area. Blah, yea they just don't suit me.

    I agree, accessories can definitely change/dress up an outfit. I will have to take a look at F21. But I hate their return policy. Their stuff is either a hit or miss. Thanks for the great advice. =)

  6. Fabulous work space, indeed! Everything is so colorful and organized! Love those texting gloves. :)

  7. @May- what a great idea!! I like that line- recycle meets DIY. Cute. Thank you again for sharing the great tip and your space with us. =) Love your space!

  8. Love the gloves, I really have to get my act together and learn how to knit. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow! It's so organized and beautiful!!

  10. I love her studio armchair : )


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