Sunday, December 4, 2011

Studio ♥ - Craft Fair Booth

Happy Sunday! 

Today for studio day I want to do something a little different. Instead of featuring a studio space I want to share with you guys this neat craft fair booth. This booth belongs to Cherie of Jimmypickles. I love it, it's so colorful!

What I like about this booth is the color scheme and organization. I bet you can spot this booth a mile away. Yes, it is colorful, but in a good subtle way. Cherie chose colors that work really well together- brown, pink, and white. People gravitate toward things that catches their eyes; this will definitely grab their attention- I know it would grab mine. ^_^


Tips on setting up a table:
-Have a banner with your name big enough so people can see it from a distance. Yellow stands out
-Use display stands, peg boards, etc- You don't want everything to just be lying flat on the table. This will also make your booth look more organized and put together.
-Display a few of your popular items in the front entrance. Something that is a conversation starter piece.
-Bags/business card-- make it unique. You want people to remember you. 
-Simple is best. Please stay away from having too much.. nothing drives customers away quicker than a clutter space. Remember: Less is more.

Set up for a previous craft fair

-Set up from a previous craft fair

So, what do you guys think? Have any tips or advice on how to set up a booth?

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  1. Love that green and blue bunting! Craft fairs are an all time favorite thing of mine :)

    Thanks for commenting on our blog!


  2. I really love the addition of drapes/curtains in the corners! It gives a much softer look than the usual craft booth tent you might see. :) and the colors are so fun! I'd definitely want to come in and stay and browse! I think I'll keep this in mind for the next craft show I do! :D

  3. How decorative, sweet and cute that is. I would definitly stop by if I saw one. Love the cute little details.

    Thanks for stopping by. Glad to hear you like Annie's style too.

  4. I absolutely love the colors! The tissue holder and check book are adorable as well.

    I also love craft fairs.

  5. That's beautiful. I love how cohesive the entire booth is.

  6. I love craft fairs too. I would def stay a while too. =) She did a great job

  7. Such a colorful and appealing booth. Nice !
    Peace and Happiness to ALL !

  8. looks soo beautiful, colourful......great

  9. Love the gorgeous color, especially the way the look of the booth changes so much by changing just a few elements (comparing the pink version to the blue and green version). Added the blue and green version of the booth photo to a Pinterest board.

  10. I love how professional your items look! I wish I could sew that neatly. I actually make hot/cold therapy packs & sinus pillows so I'm doing a little scouting around looking for display ideas. I'm kind of a perfectionist and I'm just not happy with my displays!


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