Saturday, January 7, 2012

Studio ♥- Button jars

Happy Sunday!

Ah, I know I am a little late, but Happy 2012!! What are your New Year resolutions this year? One of the top ones I've heard so far, other than to "get fit", is to "get organized". So, what's a better way to help get you motivated than to show you a beautifully organized studio. =) Today, this lovely studio belongs to Jody of PeachParlor. I am in love with those button jars--what a neat little way to store buttons. Very creative!

To see more pictures- click here
Love the colors and the button jars- so neat

So bright. I love it!

buttons collection

What a pretty amorie. It belonged to her grandma. Jody adopted it from her mother and now uses it to store frames and vintage items she sells at her shop. Here are some of her work:
So what do you guys think of Jody's space?


P.S- Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. I've been so busy with work and the holidays that by the time I get home I just want to crawl into bed. But now that the holiday season and the craziness at work is over, I am hoping to get back on track. We'll see how that goes. =)


  1. That is a really nice crafting area! I love love love the sewing desk!

    --stopping by from the etsy blog team.

  2. Lovely blog! Following you from Etsy Blog Team - would LOVE a follow back! Have a super Sunday!

    xo - Brandi

  3. @bargain-- I know I love it too! Also loving that mosaic window. Anyway, thank you for dropping by. I am now following you.

    @keepingitindie- thanks I am now following you too. =) I love the look of your blog.

  4. What a fun studio. Thanks for sharing Jodi's space!

  5. Love the studio. So bright, cheerful and fun. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to studio day.

  6. I always love seeing other peoples work spaces, and it's crazy to come here and see my own! I'm so happy my room could be an inspiration to someone. I happen to love my space, but I better since I spend so much time in there! Thanks so much for the feature :)

  7. What a wonderful space! So pretty AND organized. I will be borrowing some of those ideas when I get into my new work space. Jody's work is lovely as well.
    I'm also a new follower to this blog ^_^

  8. beautiful studio! I do love Jody's button organziers! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love looking at pictures of organized spaces! The button jars are really cute and I love the stained glass window in this room :) I live in a very small space so I'm constantly trying to see how I can be better organized so that everything I own and buy fits! :)

    star-crossed smile

  10. Yep. The button jars are undeniably cute, cool and fun. Where are those Mason jars....

    Empty On the Inside
    Dough, Dirt & Dye

  11. That's how my grandma kept her buttons-I thought it was ingenious! She glued the lids of jelly jars to bottom of the shelves in her sewing-supply cabinet. I love the idea.

    I'm a blogging buddy by the can find me here:

  12. Lovely pics, as a Virgo I like so much to organize things =) I love your blog, let's follow each other if you like mine on google and facebook =)
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  13. @Lostlemonade- Thank you for following. Cant wait to see your new work space. =)

    @Little stars- I love the button jars too. =)

    @Nnenna- Me too. I am in love with her stained glass window. I just love everything about her space.

    @Annie- Lol. I love recycling. It's amazing what you can make with recycled products... just add a little of this a little of that and you have yourself a brand new product. =)

    Kate- Ah, what a creative women! I bet you she has a lot of great project ideas.

    @vale- thank you, vale. I love to organize too.

  14. Organize...I think that is my word for 2012.
    My fabric, paper, trim, threads. I don't collect buttons, but I am sure the jars would work for my colorful threads. Thank you for sharing.
    Lovely post. Lovely space.


  15. omg, these are so inspirational photos. so beautiful and whimsical, and very organized! i bow to be more organized this year. :)

    hope you're having a fab new year so far.


  16. These pictures are really cute! Love your blog.


  17. I love all the DIY projects, this one in particular, great idea! Thanks for the fun comment and for stopping by my blog, I do hope that you will visit again soon! Now following your blog :-)


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